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Drug Abuse Arrests

Drug Abuse Arrests

What does this measure?

The number of drug abuse arrests in a geographic area, presented per 1,000 residents.

Why is this important?

Drug use, sale and other illegal drug-related activity can have immediate as well as long-term negative effects on the physical, social and financial wellbeing of individuals, neighborhoods and communities. Civil rights advocates also have raised concerns about racial and socioeconomic disparities in drug-related arrests, despite evidence that different racial and ethnic groups use illegal drugs at similar rates.

How is our county performing?

In 2016, the drug abuse arrest rate in Erie County was 2 per 1,000 residents, about half the statewide rate. From 2000 to 2016, Erie's rate ranged from 1 to 3, fluctuating from year to year. Pennsylvania's rate was essentially flat at 4 or 5 during the same period.

How do we compare to similar counties?

Erie County's drug abuse rate in 2016 was half that of Broome County, NY (5 per 1,000 residents) and one-third of Luzerne County, PA (7). Erie's rate was similar to Stark County, OH. Luzerne's rate varied much more widely than Erie's from 2000 to 2016. It was almost 1 in 2001 and steadily increased per year from 2 in 2012 to 3 in 2016 (Erie County stayed steady at 2 throughout that time period).

Notes about the data

Drug abuse offenses include all violations of state laws and local ordinances relating to the unlawful possession, sale, use, growing, manufacture, and making of narcotic drugs. Data are from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. Comparable national data was not available. Differences in rates may reflect a variety of factors, including differences in laws and law enforcement priorities, in addition the severity of drug activity in an area.

Drug Abuse Arrests
Erie County, PA2.
Broome County, NY3.
Stark County, OH0.
Luzerne County, PA1.

Source: Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Ohio Criminal Justice Services

Number of Drug Abuse Arrests
Erie County, PA601593707643610807847694500419401396531521432583670
Broome County, NY6585846385455986026956435845575465505727027537861,014
Stark County, OH9392101147239284302276326382476594499650687828
Luzerne County, PA5373966476109361,1741,0951,2021,0729508608439111,4041,7451,7732,148

Source: Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Ohio Criminal Justice Services

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Establishments Maintaining
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Employees Increasing
Tourism Spending Maintaining
Median Age Increasing
Population by Age Not Applicable
Population by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Change in Total Population Decreasing
Foreign Born Population Increasing
Household Types Not Applicable
Average Household Size Maintaining
Single-Parent Families Increasing
Median Household Income Maintaining
Public Assistance Maintaining
Change in Average Salary Decreasing
Unemployment Rate Increasing
Unemployment Rate by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Change in Employment by Sector Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty Increasing
People Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Children Living in Poverty Increasing
Children Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty by Education Level Not Applicable
Homeownership Rates Decreasing
Homeownership Rate by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Housing Affordability for Homeowners Maintaining
Median Rent Maintaining
Student Performance in Grade 3 Reading Increasing
Student Performance in Grade 3 Math Increasing
High School Cohort Graduation Rate Maintaining
Per Student Spending Maintaining
Prekindergarten Participation Increasing
Education Level of Adults Not Applicable
Education Levels of Adults, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Air Quality Increasing
Water Quality Maintaining
Recycling Tons Per Capita Maintaining
Solid Waste Per Capita Maintaining
Vehicles by Fuel Type Not Applicable
Mortality Rate Decreasing
Death from Heart Disease Decreasing
Death from Cancer Decreasing
Death from Stroke Decreasing
Death from Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Increasing
Hypertension Prevalance Increasing
Diabetes Prevalence Increasing
Asthma Increasing
People Without Healthcare Coverage Decreasing
People Without a Primary Care Physician Increasing
Routine Checkups Increasing
People Who Cannot Afford Healthcare Decreasing
Adults Who are Overweight or Obese Increasing
Children Who are Overweight or Obese Increasing
Teens Who are Overweight or Obese Increasing
Adult Smokers Decreasing
Physically Inactive Adults Decreasing
Binge Drinking Maintaining
Infant Mortality Decreasing
Low Birth Weight Babies Not Applicable
Live Births to Teen Mothers Decreasing
Non Smoking During Pregnancy Increasing
Early Prenatal Care Increasing