Erie Vital Signs

COPD: By Medicare Insurance

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This trend is negative or needs improvement.

Below is information that pertains to COPD patients who carry a Medicare insurance policy.

How is Erie doing?

  • These charts show the rates of Erie-area Medicare patients getting treatments necessary for controlling their COPD. They are generally better informed about their health and tend to be healthier and have lower healthcare costs.
  • Higher numbers mean more people are getting treated, which is good. High numbers show that people care about their health and are working to control their COPD.
  • The charts show that Erie is lagging behind both the Pennsylvania and national benchmarks in most measures indicating the need for improvement among Erie-area Medicare patients.

How can you help Erie do better?

  • Download the COPD Toolkit to get ideas for improving the frequency of your population’s COPD care.

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HEDIS® Data Sources

Spirometry Testing

Percent of Medicare Patients Who Got a Spirometry Test — higher is better.
Scroll over the graph to see percentages.

Medication Management for COPD Exacerbation

Percent of Medicare Patients With COPD Whose Medication is Managed — higher is better.
Scroll over the graph to see percentages.

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