Erie Vital Signs

Recycling and Waste: Solid Wastes

Recent Performance

This trend is better or improving.

Erie County has been generating less solid waste in recent years. Most of our garbage stays in the county, and the county’s landfill (Lake View Landfill) actually accepts more solid waste each year than is generated locally. Erie County wastes, in total, amount to about 82%-87% of additions to the landfill in recent years, with most of the imported trash coming from Crawford and Mercer counties.

The Basics

This indicator reports the amount of solid waste generated by Erie County residents and organizations, as well as the amount of additions to the Erie County Landfill from both Erie County and outside sources. Smaller amounts of waste generated and accepted are better for Erie’s environment, of course.

Why It's Important

Would we rather live with more or less waste in our backyard? One way to improve our quality of life would be to generate less garbage that we need to store in our environment.

The Details

These data do not include wastes shipped outside Pennsylvania, and they do not include wastes that were recycled. For the latter, see the EVS indicator “Recyclables per Capita.”


Waste generated:
The DEP’s database includes data for the following categories: municipal, residual, sewage sludge, infectious, construction, ash residual, and asbestos, although the Erie Vital Signs doesn’t include those details.

Landfill Receipts:
The DEP’s database includes data on the geographic source of waste coming into PA landfills by county (of PA) or state (if from outside PA) , although the Erie Vital Signs doesn’t include those details.


Annual, although the DEP also provides quarterly data for landfill receipts.


PA Department of Environmental Protection, Municipal Waste Disposal Information for: a) County of Generation, and b) Pennsylvania Municipal Waste Disposal Facility,

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