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Support of Arts and Cultural Activities: Arts & Culture Campaign

Recent Performance

The trend is better or improving

The Arts and Culture Campaign has struggled in the last few years, but the 2014 campaign showed a significant increase over the previous two years. This amount was still below the annual donations that were typical before the Great Recession hit. Contributions since 2009 have been volatile, with an uptick in 2011 surrounded by years of lower amounts. Still the most recent year’s data are encouraging.

The Basics

This indicator reports the amount raised in the annual Arts & Culture Campaign by the local organization Erie Arts and Culture.

Why is it important?

Donations to the Arts and Culture Campaign are an indicator of the support that exists for the arts and culture sector in Erie County. Moreover, these are funds that play a crucial role in the budgets of many local arts and culture organizations, so they have a direct impact on the quality of life in Erie.

The Details

The annual Arts & Cultural Campaign, administered by Erie Arts & Culture, continues the tradition of the fund drives of the past to inspire, grow and sustain Erie’s cultural treasures. Erie County is one of 59 48 communities in the United States hosting a united fund drive. It remains an important source of revenue to arts and culture organizations and is a critical tool in nurturing the cultural vitality of the Erie Region. Organizations receiving direct operating support from the campaign include Erie Arts & Culture, Dafmark Dance Theater, Erie Art Museum, Erie County Historical Society, the Erie Philharmonic, Erie Playhouse, expERIEnce Children’s Museum, Erie Maritime Museum/US Brig Niagara and Lake Erie Ballet. Additionally, the Campaign continues to support an annual grant program for innovative and timely projects throughout Erie County.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

The Arts and Culture Campaign provides operational funding to Erie Arts & Culture, (the parent organization), and its partners: Erie Art Museum, Erie County Historical Society, Erie Playhouse, Erie Philharmonic, expERIEnce Children’s Museum, Dafmark Dance Theater, Erie Maritime Museum/US Brig Niagara, and the Lake Erie Ballet. It also supports local, competitive grants to more than 35 arts and cultural projects annually throughout Erie County.


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