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Cultural Vitality

The EVS Cultural Vitality indicators track three families of arts and culture factors with 20 individual data series for Erie County, and 80 data series in total once peers are considered. The goal is to include those factors that play a key role in the quality of arts and cultural life for Erie County residents.

Most Recent Data

The arts and culture scene in Erie has a mixed set of patterns. For some indicators Erie is doing well, such as the percentage of employees in the arts, entertainment and recreation sector; organizations that organize fairs and festivals; and donations to the annual Erie Arts and Culture campaign.

In other categories, Erie hasn’t fared so well. This is especially true for the category of “artists” as a percent of all jobs locally, and contributions per capita. All of the other indicators have mixed patterns of their own.

Clearly, the Erie area has some strong points in the arts and culture areas, but just as clearly, it would benefit from stronger support and greater participation.

The Indicators

Presence of Arts & Cultural Activities

Participation in Arts and Cultural Activities

Support of Arts and Cultural Activities

The Cultural Vitality Subcommittee

The Cultural Vitality Subcommittee is responsible for identifying the key variables for this section of Erie Vital Signs, and for reviewing and evaluating the update information before it is posted to the EVS website.


  • Amanda Brown Sissem, Executive Director. Erie Arts and Culture (Chair)
  • John Buchna, CEO, Erie Downtown Partnership
  • Melinda Meyer, Vice President, Erie-Yesterday
  • Christine Oliver, Director of Programming, Mercyhurst University - Institute for Arts & Culture
  • Lee Steadman, Bloom Collaborative, Stairways Behavioral Health
  • Perry Wood, Executive Director, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority

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