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Community Goals

While comparing key indicators to peer and aspirational communities is important, Erie Vital Signs also provides a convenient way for the user to track progress toward goals related to EVS that have been established by leading community groups.

Within each topical area, users can find reports, links and additional information on what various community groups are doing to address issues highlighted by Erie Vital Signs.

Check these sections often to learn more about how groups and organizations you hear about are working to advance our region.

EMERGE 2040 ( extends the collaboration built through the long-term regional planning effort that culminated in the release of Destination Erie: A Regional Vision. Emerge 2040 works to inspire and catalyze action throughout Erie County toward the shared vision for our future that Destination Erie describes: a place where businesses, neighborhoods and families thrive, where education is valued and seen as a pathway to success and fulfillment, where the natural environment is conserved for future generations, and where communities are livable and connected both within Erie County and with the larger Great Lakes region.

The Emerge 2040 recommendations were developed through a community-driven planning process that took into account key trends facing our region, regional challenges, and the assets that can be built upon to create a more resilient, thriving and prosperous region. Covering eight focus areas that address areas of critical interest to Erie County residents, the recommendations identify the transformative actions that are needed to change the trajectory of the region’s future.

The entire Destination Erie strategy can be found here. The near-term implementation priorities are being developed and updates will be available on

Erie Together ( is a movement of hundreds of individuals, organizations, schools and businesses working in strategic ways to prevent and reduce poverty, elevate prosperity, and make the Erie region a community of opportunity where everyone can learn, work and thrive.

This countywide effort was launched in 2009 in response to in-depth local research regarding the prevalence and impact of poverty in our community. Founded on the principle that poverty is a community-wide issue requiring a community-wide response to address it, Erie Together's role is to help align local efforts and resources so more children become successful adults, more adults secure family-sustaining employment, and more families become self-sufficient.

Erie Together advances its work through four countywide "action teams" and many smaller "task teams." The four countywide action teams include (1) Early Childhood Readiness and Success; (2) Aligning Education to Careers; (3) Individual and Family Stability; and (4) Balancing Workforce and Economic Development. Each action team's comprehensive body of work is reflected on an "impact plan", which can be found here.

United Way of Erie County is working to improve community conditions and create opportunities for a better life for everyone. We mobilize people and organizations from across the community who bring the passion, resources and expertise needed to get things done. Thanks to the generous community support we receive, United Way helps improve the lives of one out of every three people in Erie County each year. Last year, more than 100,000 friends and neighbors in our region were touched by United Way. Additional information about United Way of Erie County programs and initiatives can be found at

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