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Offenses Committed & Arrests Made: % of Crimes Resulting in an Arrest

Recent Performance

This trend is improving.

The percent of crimes in Erie resulting in arrest fell from a high of 40.7 percent in 2006 to 37.5 percent in 2013. However, it has risen back up to 41.7 percent in 2014. It had been as low as 36.4 percent in 2012.

Note about crime data: The EVS crime data come from two related but separate sources: the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCRS) and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Each has its advantages and shortcomings, but together they give us a fuller picture of crime in Erie and its peer areas, as well as in the state and the nation. UCRS has detailed data on categories of crimes and has more recent data (through 2014), but only goes back to 2005 and only covers areas in Pennsylvania. The FBI statistics report data back to 1995 in some cases, and for all metro areas of the U.S. so we can get data for Erie’s peers there. But it reports on fewer crime categories and it takes longer to compile all those data, so the most recent are for 2013 at this point. The result of this is that some of the EVS graphs only go through 2013 and cover less-detailed crime categories (when we wish to explore Erie relative to its peers) while other data are more recent or detailed, but sacrifice data for peer areas.

The Basics

This variable measures the total number of arrests divided by the total number of crimes reported. A higher percent means that local law enforcement is holding offenders accountable at a higher rate.

Why It's Important

The percentage of crimes resulting in an arrest reflects the activities of local law enforcement authorities in response to criminal activity, and indicates the number of offenses that are deemed to be severe enough to warrant legal authority detainment. The level of crime, which may be influenced by many different variables, will affect the degree to which residents of an area feel safe living in the community.

The Details

The percentage of crimes resulting in an arrest is measured by the total number of arrests divided by the total number of crimes.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System


This EVS indicator has no subcategories.

Peer Areas

The data source used here provides statistics for Erie and Pennsylvania.




Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System

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